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Our Story

The Law Office of April L. Woodward, LLC, isn't the stuffy old law office most people picture when they explore options for legal support. April started the firm when with the goal of bridging the gap between consumers and attorneys. Representing clients ranging from individuals with employment claims to corporations seeking multi-million dollar settlements, our work flow and communication style is designed around each individual client's needs -- not the other way around.  

Our main office is currently located in Burton, Ohio, but we are happy to travel throughout the state of Ohio. April has represented clients all over the state and is comfortable leveraging technology to assist clients in any part of the state effectively.

Who We Are

April L. Woodward, Esq.

April has over eight years of experience representing both employers and individuals in employment law, civil litigation, and small business matters, including equine law. April received her Juris Doctor from the University of Akron School of Law in 2014, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting she received from Lake Erie College in 2008. During her legal practice, April has represented some of the largest employers in Ohio, including many Fortune 500 and multinational corporations in Affirmative Action, EEOC discrimination charges/investigations, and government agency compliance reviews.


She has also represented and assisted many small to mid-size businesses in employment litigation, entity formation, contract disputes and general civil matters.

April is passionate about small business, and is a partner in several small businesses herself. She understands what it takes to grow a small business, and is experienced in navigating the legal minefields that can present themselves to entrepreneurs.


April is a long-time rider and member of her local equestrian community, and part-owner of a boarding and training stable in Geauga County, Ohio. As a result, she has a keen understanding of the operations and unique legal needs of equine businesses, and enjoys the opportunity to serve this dynamic community.

Our Vision

Our top priority is to quickly achieve efficient and practical results for our clients, with affordable rates. We pride ourselves on integrity, transparency and responsiveness to client needs. We work tirelessly to protect client interests in and out of court, striving to identify the most effective solutions to their unique circumstances.

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